We're digitising Telegraph Station Photographs...

We’re digitising Telegraph Station Photographs…

The Telegraph Museum Porthcurno has begun a three year project to digitise 60% of the photograph collection that forms part of the designated Cable and Wireless Business Archive.

As one of the partner museums in the Cornwall Museums Partnership, we have received funding from Arts Council England to improve the access to this rich historical resource, recognised as being of national and international importance.

There are an estimated 10,000 photographs in the Cable and Wireless Archive ranging in date from the 1850’s to the present day. These include both photograph albums and loose photographs. The subjects of these photographs include telegraph stations, telegraph staff, cableships, events, war, and equipment.

Due to the size of the photograph collection, this three year project will focus on the photographs of telegraph stations from around the world, which contains some of our earliest images. These photographs not only include the buildings, but also the staff who worked in them. The photographs give an insight into life at that time, showing people’s working lives as well as the more social aspects.

As part of this project, we welcome to the Collections Team Jenny Lee who has taken up the role of Digitisation Officer. As well as digitising the photographs, Jenny will be training and supervising a group of volunteers who are keen to be involved in the project.

Jenny will be sharing her favourite photographs through blogs on the website, so keep an eye out to see what gems she discovers.

One response to “We’re digitising Telegraph Station Photographs…”

  1. Allan Green says:

    Great news !
    I wish every success to Charlotte, Jenny and all those volunteers who hopefully will participate in getting this important material on-line. I hope that funding might also become available for the digitisation of some ( or even ALL)archive documents held in the Porthcurno Collection.
    Well done and i look forward to seeing the fruits of your efforts on – line very soon .
    Best wishes

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