A Day with CBBC's Dick & Dom!

A Day with CBBC’s Dick & Dom!

As part of Dick and Dom’s TV show, Absolute Genius, we were pleased to welcome them to the museum to film one of the episodes for the show.

We’ve managed to keep this under wraps for the past couple of months, but now that it’s been aired (last night – 18th November on CBBC), we can now happily share the secret with you all!

Whilst here, the comedy duo had a go at sending and decoding a morse code message, releasing a carrier pigeon and attempting to recreate the work of Morse.
They were great fun and our marketing assistant, Sally, was very excited to meet them! Below is a little picture….
To watch the whole episode, click here

Dick & Dom visit Telegraph Museum Porthcurno

Dick & Dom with Sally

One response to “A Day with CBBC’s Dick & Dom!”

  1. Allan Green says:

    Great news………….!
    When do we get the pre-publication pics of the rest of the “Porthcurno Calendar Girls”……….?
    It is a nice bit of PR for the Museum and well done BBC. They do owe us one in compensation for the many hours spent filming the programme at PK a couple of years back with Prof Jim Al Khalili which hardly mentioned the museum.

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