Battle of Britain KS2 – INSPIRE


Workshop plus Museum visit up to 4 hours

Workshop outline

Linked to the ‘Battle of Britain’ INSPIRE topic and Goodnight Mr Tom, we set the scene by exploring what the children already know of William’s experiences during World War Two.  We then issue all pupils with National Registration Identity Cards to take home.  Each is also given a ‘gas mask’ for the duration of the workshop and, using an original air raid siren and gas-rattle, we practise some of the drills that William and his friends would have experienced.

Children then have the chance to

  • shop for rations using wartime coins,
  • pack an evacuee suitcase
  • dress up in clothes made from 1940s patterns
  • try out our Anderson shelter,
  • plan a Dig for Victory garden
  • play with wartime toys and games

In the plenary we discuss what pupils have learned about what life would have been like for William and his friends in World War Two.

The workshop is followed by a chance to explore our World War Two Tunnels, experiencing how the Telegraph Station was defended from air attack.  Children will find out more about life for local children during World War Two and have the opportunity to climb our Escape Stairs.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the workshop most pupils will understand:

  • The importance of evacuation, Identity Cards, gas masks and air raid protection in World War Two.
  • What children’s clothes, rations and toys were like in World War Two.
  • The importance of Porthcurno Telegraph Station in World War Two and how it was protected from attack during the Battle of Britain.

National Curriculum Links

History: a study of an aspect or theme in British history that extends pupils’ chronological knowledge beyond 1066.

Suggestions for pre-visit preparation

Before the visit it would be helpful if pupils have read extracts from Goodbye Mr Tom and/or see the John Thaw/ITV film.

Suggestions for post-visit activities

A suggested list of post-visit activities is available here: KS2 Battle of Britain Post Visit Activities.

Feedback and evaluation

We will give you an evaluation form to complete at the end of the workshop. Please complete this as fully as you can. Your feedback is very much appreciated and is used to ensure that future workshops meet the learning needs of your students.

Telegraph Museum