DCMS/Wolfson Fund £125,000 award

We are delighted to announce that our capital project, Developing for the Future, has received an award of £125,000 from the DCMS/Wolfson Museum & Galleries Improvement Fund. The funds help to support our bold plans to develop the Porthcurno Telegraph Museum; once home to the world’s largest telegraph cable station and a a vital hub of international communications for over 100 years.

Development Project Manager, Henrietta Boex, commented;

“We are extremely proud of our beautiful Edwardian buildings, but they were built to accommodate a busy cable station, not a buzzing museum, which means they don’t work as well as they could for our growing number of visitors. By sensitively redeveloping them we will not only be able to accommodate more visitors, but to make visiting even more enjoyable, even more fun. It is about making the most of the wonderful assets we have and coaxing them gently into the 21st century.”