SubOptic award £35,000 for 2013 international education programme

We are delighted to announce the award of £35,000 towards our ‘Developing for the Future’ capital development. The award from SubOptic, an organisation which represents the international telecommunications community, will enable us to deliver an innovative education programme from spring 2013. The programme will create innovative online learning resources for all ages, and benefit communities across the world. It will also enable us to build connections with communities in India, Africa, the MIddle East, the Americas, Australia, continental Europe and the UK, providing a platform for future collaborative projects.

“The telegraph companies created the first worldwide communications network; the internet of its day. It’s extremely exciting that SubOptic, which represents so many of our global high-tech telecommunications companies, is giving us their support. The award will help us to preserve our communications heritage, but also to tell this important story to a much wider audience than can possibly visit us here in Cornwall. When we think about the power of cable-based communications technology and how it has shaped our world, we realise that it is a story that touches every one of us and has never been more relevant than it is today.” Museum Director Libby Buckley

John Horner of SubOptic commented on the award:

“We are very excited about sponsoring this activity. It is exactly in line with the commitment of our organisation to stimulate debate and educate the community about the importance of the global undersea submarine cable network to the world. We hope this resource will form an important element for our next conference, SubOptic 2013, scheduled to be held in Paris, from the 22-25th April 2013.”

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