Latest visitor feedback

Latest visitor feedback

Another visitor book filled up, and we’ve had some lovely feedback. Thanks to everyone who’s left such wonderful comments. Here’s just a sample:

“Finally got to see this wonderful museum, amazing place” – Bob & Rose

“Really interesting, tunnels a real surprise” – Don & Tarina

“Very interesting, the DNA  of the internet” – Kimberley & Robert

“Brilliant!” – John

“What an amazing exhibition” – Steve & Laura

“I like the dressing up clothes” – Kara

“Epic! I like the Morse Code ” – Molly

“Our fifth or sixth visit – we love the museum. Something new every time” – the Staffords

“This museum was a lot better than I thought it would be” – Emrys

“What a fantastic place” – the Tillotsons

“It was good for my homework” – Peter

“Wonderful – must come again” – Wendy

“It was ansum” – Tristan

“Excellent, very comprehensive, love the “real” feel of the place” – Barry & Ness

“First visit. Think it is amazing” -the Ealeys

“Hey that was pretty good” – Jack

“Brilliant experience. Lots of information. Learnt so much in one day ? “ – Kirstie & Ben

“My history teacher will be jealous!!” – Lizzie

“Really good time, tons of interactive things for kids! ?” – the O’Briens

“Don’t usually like museums, but this has been fascinating” – Lorelle

“So pleased we visited. A must-see” – the Smiths

“Didn’t know it was here until we drove past. Amazing place” – Roger

“Most unusual for our children, “the best museum we have been to”. Absolutely fantastic. – the Stamps

“Pretty cool” – Chlöe

“Really interesting place! Great for the whole family” – Rebecca

“My boyfriend is in nerd heaven! ? “ – Kelly & Roy

“2nd visit. Love it. xx” – the Jamiesons

“So intresing expeshilly the pidgin trail! Thanks!” – Florence, Lily, Claire & Paul

“Fascinating! Didn’t realise where it all started!” – the Jewetts

“I LOVE this muzeum best muzeam ever. I can’t whate to come here again” – Scarlett

“Truly brilliant museum – much improved / developed since last visit & that was excellent too!” – Anne

“Lots of good information. Fun activities. Should have more museums like this.” – Imogen