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Image taken from Points of Presence by artist Steve Rowell, showing a close up view of an old printed document with an illustration of a galley, rough seas and the tail of a whale.

Points of Presence

Our Exciting New Photography Exhibition! On Thursday 21st June we open a new exhibition of work created by international research-based…

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Moving image of digital apprentice playing virtual reality game Beat Saber.

Ready Player One?

Question: What does a Digital Apprentice do on their birthday? Answer: Spend the morning playing Beat Saber at Falmouth University’s…

Photograph of Peter Burleigh and Gareth Parry enjoying a friendly conversation about the Exiles Golf Society Trophy.

Presentation of Exiles Golf Society Trophies

President and Captain of the Exiles Golf Society, Peter Burleigh, today presented the museum with a treasured collection of trophies…