Photograph of mobile device streaming live feed of artwork by Evan Roth, showing infrared landscape.

Red Lines Networked Digital Art

The Telegraph Museum Porthcurno is one of 7 UK galleries to host a new work by digital artist Evan Roth.

Global Connection

The installation consists of an ever-changing global video which captures a variety of landscapes in infrared. The sites are the remote locations and shore end sites of fibre optic cables. There are over 53 videos from around the world and of course, our very own Porthcurno is featured.

It is a fascinating project which helps to visualise the invisible networks and real locations for our communication systems and technologies. It creates a virtual landscape in physical terms and is mesmerizingly beautiful.

Live Art

You can remotely connect to the networked art piece by going to All you need is a smartphone, tablet or computer, and of course an internet connection.

Starting from the 27th November 2018 Red Lines is available for free until 10 September 2019.