Engraved Silver Napkin Ring

Silver napkin ring with crimped edge that belonged to W. J. Elms, an employee of the Eastern and Associated Telegraph Companies.

The napkin ring is engraved with both W. J. Elms initials and the initials of the various telegraph stations at which he worked from 1901 to 1933, along with dates of when he was first stationed at each one. His first posting was to Porthcurno in October 1901. From here he went on to work at the telegraph stations in Gibraltar, Aden, Mozambique, Ascension Island, St. Helena, Durban, Bona, and Port Sudan.

His career ended with the infamous ‘D/N’ redundancy scheme in 1933, so-called because of the code on the telegram which was used to tell people that the company no longer required their services. The D/N scheme followed the introduction of the automatic ‘regenerator’ telegraph system which removed the need for most manual operators.

Currently displayed in Eastern House Gallery, Overseas Section

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