Ideas Cafe presents ‘Echoes from an Empire’

The Colosseum at Rome

We all know that the Greeks and Romans built amazing theatres and ampitheatres but they were also masters at communicating using sound. Anyone who has visited the Greek theatre at Epidauros, the Roman theatre at Orange or the Colosseum in Rome can testify to this. But as places of performance how do they measure up to more modern performance spaces? How much did the Greeks and Romans know about the nature of sound? Did they have any grasp of the principles that we use today in designing performance spaces? This talk aims to life the lid on 2000-year old acoustics.

Our speaker is Mark George; Chief executive of the Telegraph Museum Porthcurno and a pioneer of ‘archaeo-acoustics.’ As an archaeologist Mark has excavated Roman and Iron Age sites, spent 16 years working and living at the Roman villa at Chedworth and has in intimate knowledge of Roman building and design.

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