Valley Tales & Trails

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Explore our new ‘Valley Tales & Trails’ temporary exhibition, and find out how Porthcurno’s role in shaping modern communication affected the local landscape and community. Be guided by stories of Porthcurno’s lasting legacy, and connect the outdoor landscape with the richly told stories inside the Museum.  Imagine the buzz of pioneering communication in Porthcurno in 1870, to the technical training college that continued here until 1993. This small Cornish coastal village changed the way people connect across the world.

Wander around the coastal valley of Porthcurno as part of the ‘Valley Trails’ element of the exhibition.  Let the inspiring stories guide you on a path around one of the most beautiful and historically important coastal villages in Britain. Put on your walking shoes and venture forth to uncover places you never knew formed part of Porthcurno’s communication heritage. Visit the Exiles Sport’s Field just next to the Minack, or walk the South West Coast Path and take a moment to reflect at the Cable Hut. A place where the cables that made Porthcurno the most connected valley in the world are visible to this day.

Explore the ‘Valley Tales’ part of the exhibition inside the Museum, and visualise how the Valley looked when the training college was at its peak. In 20 years, the landscape in Porthcurno has changed phenomenally. Immerse yourself in the indoor exhibition, where the outdoor landscape is recreated inside. Brought to life by rich stories from those that lived and breathed the communication revolution.

Pick up your trail map from the Museum’s reception. The ‘Valley Trail’ is free, and the indoor ‘Valley Tales’ exhibition is included with Museum admission.